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martes, 10 de febrero de 2015


Hi Cuties!

Today I'm showing you a special post! In honor to the Grammy Awards, I created a post where I'm going to show you looks of some celebrities on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards. Then I'm going to grade them (based on my personal opinion) and I'm going to talk about each outfit a little bit. Beneath the picture of each celebrity, you'll find her name, the grade that I gave to her look and my opinion about how she's dressed. 
Hope you like it!

Hola Guapas!

Hoy os muestro un post especial! En honor a los premios Grammy, he creado un post donde os voy a mostrar los look de algunas celebridades en la alfombra roja de los Grammy Awards. Luego voy a ponerles una nota a cada una (basada en mi opinion personal) y voy a hablar de cada uno de los outfits un poco. Debajo de cada foto de una celebridad, encontrareis su nombre, la nota que le he puesto a su look y mi opinion sobre dicho look.
Espero que os guste!


Katy Perry

I love this look. It doesn't deserve a 9 or 10, but, her an 8 is pretty good. I feel like the nude dress with Katy's purple hair look Fabulous and the hair is an important accent.

No. Okay, I kind of have a bias opinion on this look. Well, Madonna is dressing like a "torero" (bull-fighter) and she shouldn't. There is a whole issue in Spain about animal cruelty and about if the "corridas" (bull- fights) should be legal. So please, Madonna, respect the suffering animals who die on a daily basis and do not dress up as someone who is killing animals as a show.

Kim Kardashian

I do not like Kim Kardashian. She's not talented at all, but I have to admit that I like this dress and that I actually think that it looks very good on her. 

Beyoncé (Queen B)

Yaass Queen, Yaass. A spectacular dress with black and navy dress which shows all of Queen B's curves. 

Iggy Azalea

NOPE. The dress is actually not that bad, but the hairstyle is HORRENDOUS. It ruins the whole look. Nope, Iggy, this is the kind of attention that you don't want. 

Lady Gaga

GRADE: 9'5
Okay, here we have a clear example of a GOOD CHANGE. From wearing meat outfits to waring a gorgeous, mermaid-like dress. Lady Gaga's look captures her essence and her style. And, let's be honest here, she looks gorgeous with white hair, (and when we can actually see her face).

Jessie J

GRADE: 9'5
I Adore this look. I'm not a big fan of Jessie J (I think that her voice is gorgeous, don't get me wrong) but I love how she chose black and some transparencies. It's a very sexy dress and one of the best ones.
Taylor Swift

I Love this dress but it just doesn't deserve the 9 or the 10. Honestly Taylor Swift looks spectacular in everything, so why bother? Beautiful dress.

Anna Kendrick


I LOVE THIS LOOK. It's beyond perfect. Who said that only dressed where allowed at the Grammy's? Anna Kendrick looks gorgeous in this suit. I feel like it suits her personality, and it's perfectly consistent. Besides, you can never go wrong with black. Work it, Anna!


Rihanna is gorgeous and has an angelical voice  but I don't think this look will get any compliments. Honestly, I think that if her objective was to get all the attention, she succeeded. But it's simply not a good look: too pink, too big... People would stare at the dress instead of at her face. 

Meghan Trainor

I love this dress and I feel like I would wear it anywhere but it seems like it lacks energy, it's too plain. I would have loved it even more if she would have combine it with red shoes and super bold, red lipstick and red nails. That would have given some energy to this look.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen is my Queen and I love her,. I love this outfit as well, I feel like it suits perfectly her personality and it's very consistent: Black and Nude and a blonde hair so the important thing is the look itself (the black accents).