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My name is Ona Vicente and I'm an artist. I'm an Andorran girl living in New York City. I've been living in New York City since 2013 and in the big city I feel like I can be myself and unleash all my creativity. I'm very ambitious and I try to do everything. Let me explain, I'm a Fashion Blogger, an aspiring Musical Theater actress, a writer, a Spanish and English teacher...

  • I adore Neil Patrick Harris 
  • I listen to rock music and musical soundtracks
  • I want to own a pet unicorn
  • My family is what matters the most to me
  • My favorite color is green, but I always dress in dark colors
  • My passion for Musical Theater is so big that I moved to NYC and my agenda is packed with Musical Theater lessons.
  • I do Improv, so I have a lot of "stock characters" that I can immediately switch into, but my favorite is Rebecca (a spoiled girl who loves PSLs)
  • I'm a writter. I have published a book, and I have a monthly column in a newspaper in Andorra
  • My favorite song is Paradise City by Guns N Roses
  • I put all of my heart into this blog.